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Full Version: New electric file suggestions please :(
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My KP 12 handpiece is not discontinued. Kupa has continued to service it as long as they have the parts but alas they have ran out of parts BOO HISS. SO I am in need of a new Efile. Need suggestions that will not break the bank.
Thank you all,
I just got the new KUPA UPOWER 2G portable, you can leave it connected to power source or use it as portable and it will last for days on the battery pack. I mostly just leave my plugged in. I absolutely love it. I however like the smaller handpiece that my old Kupa 3000 had the KP 36 handpiece and it does fit the Upower 2G, I didnt realize it when I bought it, but within a few days I noticed they had the same adapter and tried it, and low and behold it fit, so I contacted them and they did a switch for me, because the one that came with it just seemed too large for me after using the other for so many years. The KP 36 is the only other one that fits this unit besides the one that comes with it, so I really lucked out, and the customer service was great.
I have been looking online at them but I am going to need to buy 2 ( have to have a spare and now I have 2 KP12s) and they are all so expensive! Am going to check next week for any sales they may be having. I too love the smaller handpiece. The others look like you are trying to hold a BANANA!
I have a Erica mt 20 and its been a great drill. I had a chance to try a YN efile and it was amazing. That will be my next drill.