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Full Version: how do you deal with clients who have mma on their nails
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As some know I live in a tourist destination so I see lots of clients for acrylics fills that I know have MMA on their fingers. My question is how would you or do you deal with this situation? I hate taking it off even though I do because I lose out on so much money. Thanks
Here's my .02 on it....#1 why are you taking it off? I wouldn't unless they ask for it to be taken off. It's a real pia, I know. To remove it, I would use a coarse carbide and would remove the most of it that way. It's been a long time since I've seen 100% MMA nails, most of the time it's cut with a legal ingredient so at least it WILL soak off but very slowly. If someone wants the nails off, then you've got to charge accordingly and set aside time to do it.
Personally, if that client's not coming back in my shop, I'd explain what's on their nails, why they shouldn't be going to the shop that uses it, and tell them what needs to be done. If they want to pay the cost of removal and you have time, go for it. Otherwise, fill them and save yourself the loss of time and money.
How can you tell just by looking at it?
I'll tell you how I can tell, it's usually kinda thick, could be a bit on the yellow-y side. The fastest and easiest way is the smell it puts off when it gets hot, either thru removal with a drill bit or a hand file. It smells kinda like ammonia. When you try to soak it off, it holds it's shape and gets slick and gooey. It generally can be scraped off at that point, and it will stick to everything it comes in contact with. I used to pull the melted part off with a paper towel. It's a real PIA to deal with!
Donna is 100% right...I always know by the yellow and the smell ,but if u may never see these people again because of the tourist thing ,then fill them ,do a great job on them ,pamper them with great customer service ,and send them on their way with your card ,so if they revisit ,or their friends visit where you are ,they will most likely return to YOU...Smile
To be totally smells like cat urine (although I wanted to use a different word!)
(06-30-2012, 07:50 PM)Tn Nail Lady Wrote: [ -> ]To be totally smells like cat urine (although I wanted to use a different word!)

I agree, it does!Confused I was just trying to be a bit p.c.
it also has an odor when you file it.. but I agree.. if these are 1 time people I would not go through all that.. if you use an efile, prep as you normally would taking down the thickness that is also usually associated with MMA, but not too much of it.. explain there will be a color difference, gently explain why they should not have this product on their nails.. send them to beautytech.INFO when they get home to seek out a better salon/tech, give her your card with contact info to email you later if she has questions.. in otherwords be there for her Smile

Thanks I hand file and I will take it off for them if I have time but it takes a VERY LONG TIME. The smell is awful that's my #1 way to tell 2 its harder to file. Thanks for all the advice.
Not to mention, why expose that damaged nail underneath? Leave it protected so it can grow out.