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Full Version: Nail Talk Radio: Greg Salo is infectious!!
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Nail Talk Radio
Next Show: 07/02/12
Special Guest: Greg Salo

All the products, tools, gels and tips in the world mean nothing if you're not completely comfortable using them - and Greg Salo goes above and beyond to make sure that all of his customers are VERY comfortable.
One half of the famous pair of brothers over at Young Nails, Greg Salo had his heart set on becoming a firefighter - until one day fate intervened - taking his mother's small cosmetology business and building an empire!
Don't miss out on Greg's infectious energy, and passion, for all things (Young) Nails!


Listen here:

Nail Talk Radio airs every Monday night:
7 pm Pacific Time
9pm Central Time
10 pm Eastern Time
12 noon (Tues) Sydney, Australia
3 am (Tues) London, UK
10 pm Ontario, Canada
2 pm (Tues) New Zealand Aukland

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