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Full Version: Jumping into gels again
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I have never really gotten the hang of gels in all my years but I have to start offering it as I turn a few people away on occasion wanting them. CND Brisa is always available here but I hate using what everyone else uses in the area.
Is a one step gel do-able or is a full system needed? Im thinking of trying LE or YN so I need opinions on any brand. Ive tried akzentz and couldnt make it work for me.
Jennie, if you can please email me so I can talk to you about what didn't work for you with Akzentz. I'm curious and would love to help if I can. [email protected]
I use YN and mainly the Base,Build, Frost Pink, and I use two versions of their white, Snow and White Sculpture. I've been using it for well over a year and love how it works. As for not getting Akzentz to work for you, definitely going to be pilot error there, take Jess up on her offer. It works fine, too.
Well, it seems that you want something easy to use but also durable and unique to your area. Gelousy 1-Step fits all of your wants. We can teach you how to apply an enhancement in three strokes. Call "Paul Mitchell - The School" in Phoenix and ask them what they think about Gelousy. Or call the Largest Salon/Spa in the US., Or call any of the Top 10 spas in the US. They probably won't tell you what they use, but if you go there you will see Gelousy labels. Or you might not, because many techs peel our labels off so people don't know what they are using and why they have all the business in town.