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Full Version: Gel Sealer over PW Acrylic
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I always finish my pink and white acrylics with a gel sealer. Currently I use Intense Seal by IBD ,and I have a bottle of YN Finish ,which is double the price. Any of you have a favorite sealer ,and why ? Also from time to time I experience mine separating while applying it ,and sometimes after curing ,there are sharp little spikey things left on the nail. I clean and prep them well before applying the sealer ,but cant figure out these little glitches...Smile
I have been using a gel sealer from Premier Nail Source for my PW finish coat. It is $9.95/half ounce bottle and it is BOGO now. Have not had any problems with it so far.

As for the little spikey things.....try applying thinner coats. It usually is from applying to thick layer of gel sealer.
I have used IBD intense seal and quite often got those "bumps" and also bald patches. I use NSI glaze n go with no problems.
Ohhhhhhh, I just love Nailite's Tackless Gel Sealer. So shiney and smooth. Has to be filed off and very reasonably priced. Call them and see if they will send you a sample.
The little spikey things could be bubbles. Bald patches are an indication of applying too thin. As the sealer cures, it shrinks. As it's shrinking and being 'pulled' into it's final curing shape, if there's not enough gel applied, the the bald patches appear.
Yes, I have tried tinkering with the thickness ,but when I solve the bald patch problem, then I get spikey things....will give some of your suggestions a try ! Thank u all ! Smile