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Full Version: Is TEN gel a little yellow?
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I just got my first pot of TEN gel. I decided to try it on myself first but I just did one finger nail, all the rest already had a pink and white set of Light Elegance gel. Anyway I did the one finger and compared to the others it has a slight yellowish look to it compared to my other nails. In the pot it does have a slight tint to it. Is this normal? I am not impressed with how it looks over pink/white.
It does tend to have yellow-ish tint to it. I used it for close to 3 years and really had no problem with the yellow tint. Once a pigment is put in, it covers it. Honestly, I've found there's differences in ANY gel from one to another as far as color is concerned. Exposure to sunlight can alter a color enough to make it really noticeable, too. I've had a client come in after a week to get a p/w nail replaced and saw how the white on the other nails wasn't as bright as the new one, the pink was a bit more yellow on the old ones and this product isn't TEN.

TEN's good product, it just has it's learning curves.