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Full Version: Me Hmmmmm...
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Well it all started when I was in High School I pinched off the tip of my middle finger in a door and it made the nail grow hooked downward.
So, vanity thy name is woman, I had to make it look like the rest. I actually started doing nails for myself with store bought kits. Then my friends wanted them and viola, I went to school.
I have been licensed since 1999.
I was a full service cosmo, but about 3 years ago decided to concentrate on nails, as that is my passion.
I am currently an educator with EZ Flow Nail Systems, AII.
I educated for about two years with Too Much Fun Airbrushing and Nail art.
I have always been artsy and painted or sculpted. So nails combines two of my favorite activities.
I love educating and traveling.
I also belly dance and perform with a local troupe.
I guess that's me in a nutshell.Wink LOL