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Full Version: Commission (legal) help please...
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Hi all. I have searched for an answer to this and got mixed answers. Maybe it varies state to state, so I live in CA if that's the case. Anyway, I work at a place where I get hourly or commission whichever is greater. For the past 6 mos or so, hourly is always more so that's what I get. But last pay period I really thought for sure i had made commission. I was sooo busy. Commission is 50%. I have been at this place for 11 yrs. When I got my check, it was WAY less than I calculated. After waiting 3 days for an explanation, I was reminded about a change the owner made in January. She raised all salon services by $5 .... but is deducting the $5 from our service totals! So basically, I had 36 services and was "charged" $5 for "product" so $180 was deducted from my service totals, resulting in me losing out on $90!!! This does not seem fair to me at all. Maybe I'm just mad. I would care if it were a dollar because I worked for it. :/ She had always provided all products and I'm just wondering if this is the right way to do business.... thank you
I was always told that comm. is still considered as an employee. If she's paying your taxes, and providing products, then increased product costs should go to the client, imo, not you. Did you sign a contract agreeing to this? It certainly doesn't sound right.
Nope, I have never signed anything having to do with this job ever. I don't think it sounds right either. Thank you
Not sure this is legal. I always assumed commissioned employees got whatever was agreed upon percentage wise and the owner provided ALL necessary supplies. When she raised prices to customers you should receive part of that raise. If not your percentage has changed. . I would contact an attorney. Most will give a free consultation.
I had to address this issue again....girl!! U have given that owner 11 years of your talent and dedication and u r still tottering between comm and hourly?? Holy cow!! U need to try to find something better. That woman is totally taking advantage of u. Speak up for yourslef...cuz u deserve better.....and that stupid $5 product fee?? Wow...terrible in my opinion.....keep us updated if u dont mind. Im looking forward to hearing if u did anytg and what the turnout was. Smile....
You are so right! I finally found a second job, tried it for 3 days and even though I make less per hour there I will end up making more..better tips and more hours. So the next day I was due for my main job they called me an hour before my shift and asked where I was because my pedi appt was Lol. They've done that to me so many times. Plus another huge change, they were bringing 4 new nail techs in. thanks for the loyalty to ME I thought. So I up and quit that day. Its unprofessional and unfortunate but I couldn't do it anymore! Not one more day. I am coming home SO much happier from this new place even though its the hardest I've ever worked in my life! They really appreciate me and made me feel totally welcome from day one. Its awesome and I'm sorry I let the fear of change hold me back for soooooo long!
Awesome!!! Thanks for really glad u got out of there. I loathe hateful,greedy and unappreciative salon owners.....there are too many to choose from to be treated like that. Good for u!!!! Ya...about half the owners only care about the money and they dont care who gets it for them.....the other half really care .....its finding the good ones that is hard sometimes....everybody can put on a front...and once the honeymoon is over.....its too late. glad for u. We all have to grow a set and USE them!!! Cuz nobody else will!!!!!
Hahahahah! I love your personality. And very true. I agree! I need to use them more often lol