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Full Version: favourite gel line
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i know it has been asked many times but i tried to find posts about this topic and i couldn't find let me ask once again!what is your vote for the best gel line out there??
I'm glad you posted this! I was thinking of asking the same thing this morning!
I don't believe there is such thing as the ''best'' gel or ''best'' acrylic! There are many good brands out there ...what works best for me might not work so good to you...
So, to answer your question, I have only worked with entity and ez flow gels...but I prefer entity because I found ez flow being too stiff...I don't work with gel so much, so I haven't tried other brands yet...
i would like to see which one will get the best vote!
Absolutely, 100% Shellac is my vote.
(06-20-2012, 11:36 PM)Luvglitter Wrote: [ -> ]Absolutely, 100% Shellac is my vote.

Shellac is not a gel.

There is no 'best' one. It is what works best for you. This question gets asked over and over, and we all post the same answers. If there was a best one, we'd all be using it Wink
Yes, what Laura said. If there was a 'best one', then it makes sense there wouldn't be so many. What defines the best is workability, performance, and how well the co. educates the people who want to use it, along with customer service. The co.'s who DON'T offer great customer service and education are the ones we don't hear from anymore. All gels will work, it's all basically the same chemical make up. You just have to find the one that works best for you. If you're having problems with gel, then most likely it's 'pilot' error, not the gel.
I totally agree with Donna and Laura!
Agree with Donna and Laura.

By the way, my favorite gel is my!!...i just can't let go, call me old fashioned. Tongue
I think the OP is asking what everyone's favorite gel line is.
i guess you all tried many companies before deciding which one to select and this is where my question is going.what made you decide to use one company and not the other?is there any gel line that is suitable for all clients or maybe for the majority?
(06-21-2012, 10:51 AM)jgayle01 Wrote: [ -> ]Agree with Donna and Laura.

By the way, my favorite gel is my!!...i just can't let go, call me old fashioned. Tongue with you! I do both and I Love love love my acrylic.

I'm just learning gels. I think I prefer acrylics. Lol!
There is a best in quality, however not everyone uses that as a metric to define what is best for them. Some people like Select steaks and think Prime steaks taste too fatty, however a Prime steak is considered the best quality.

Lets use a set metric to determine quality.

Workability - Gelousy. Self leveling, Never need to touch the builder layer with a brush No filing to shape. However also offers a "pat and file" gel which is more like an acrylic application, if you like that sort of thing.

Performance - Gelousy. Lasts until it grows out with no lifting, cracking, chipping, pealing or dulling (but we recommend a three to four week fill because the natural nail grows).

Education - Gelousy. Free technical support by phone or e-mail. Professional only online videos at that are not available for the public to view on youtube or google video. Live classes provided every day.

Customer Service - Gelousy. Most orders ship same day, Money back Guarantee. Nail technicians and chemist on staff to answer any technical questions.

I do have to disagree that all gels will work, I would say that most gels will work. But a good nail tech can make a bad gel work. That is why you have so many gel companies out there.
Ooooooopsy daisy, I read it to be gel polish. My apoligies! However, I do feel if there is a product line that you like then you should share what it is you like about it and why. Hearing others experiences with product line narrows down the field a little and I appreciate it when I can receive feedback on a product so I can make an informed decision.

I find Nailite's gel line is easy since it is one step process and it is very affordable. Their customer service is beyond approach.
I like masterworks as it has been relatively easy for me to work with while learning gels. I love the builder gel, especially in the beginning when I was slower. The techniques taught with the system made scuplts a dream. I love how the filler gel flows where it needs to. It seems to be thick enough not to have to "chase" and just thin enough to fill where u need to.

The product is great and the service and education I received when I purchased it was tantamount. The fact that it is a woman owned company made me love it even more.