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Full Version: Any wyoming techs?
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I have a few questions concerning the nail biz in casper. My fiancee has a really good job offer on the table there but im terrified of starting over in again with nails. Just wanted to know the need of salons there.
Kathy is from Casper. I would help if I could, but I am in Newcastle. I will let Kathy know you are looking!
He Jennie, Claudia gave me a heads up, what do you want to know? I am in Casper. I am happy to help in anyway. What type of nails do you do?

Kathy Wagner
Frank's On First
I do acrylics especially with glitter, shellac and pedicures.
Im in central nebraska now and the town im in is so over saturated with nss. My fiance just told me the new of his job offer so im still trying to take this in.
Ive been a nail tech for nearly 11 years and noy sure if im ready to start over again. But if there is a need for another nail tech in town, i may think twice.
There are 7 NSS Salons in town. I am sure there are more nail techs than I am aware of. But Casper can always use a good nail tech. I know Casper is short on gel nail techs though.
I agree with apolishedlook, there is a major shortage of gel techs. Once I started doing gel (thanks to Kathy) my business has increased significantly. I am busier now than I actually want to be. lol. Everyone is wanting gel nails. If you can master something not everyone else is doing you will be just fine.
laurab where are you working?
I'm in Glenrock. I own my own shop here.
OMG! Laura I am so is loving doing gels now?
Yes I am! I do 90% gel now only a few acrylic clients. Doing great and business is booming! Thank you so much!
Oh that makes me so happy to were an exellent student I need to come see you sometime...still have your card...