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I just wanted to update you on thedecision of working in two salons.I decided not to.It was a little ways away from everyone.With only working one day a week or two,it wasnt worth it.By the time I pay a babysitter,and drive back and forth,Im paying more money out than Im making.It sounded good but when I went ,I didnt really like the setup of the pedicure,I had to do my own laundry,she did offer to get me started on a few supplies,and was willing to find a portable chair,a little too small for me. I just think Im not ready for this step yet.I didnt have a whole lot of supplies yet or clientele. Im really making good moneyBlush working part time were Im at,its just thats some of my friends cant afford to go where I am,so I was trying to accomodate them,which in all honesty I am putting myself out.But I am still considering it,there was another close to where i work,but maybe not right now,soon though.At least I know my options now,and what to look for.
Awww, thanks for the update! I agree, paying a babysitter and more time away from home/kids and especially if you don't like the set up, you made the right decision! Smile My kids are older so I'm glad that isn't an issue for me anymore. ( although I miss them being little Sad ) And you're right to be choosy because I know if I'm not comfortable I won't wanna work there. I am kinda mad at myself for not trying hard enough to get business for the 2nd place. I had one client go in and she paid me very well but she didn't like the set-up for the pedi. It has 3 steep steps and it's kinda difficult to get up onto. So it makes me not want to call older clients to go there for sure, it would be dangerous. I'm looking for another full time place in the meantime. I got underpaid on my last check and that on top of a TON of other things have all just added up to make me not want to be there anymore :/ Not a fun place to be. Also I compleeeeetely know what you mean about friends not being able to afford your place. haha. We always say that none of us would be able to afford our own place. hahah. Just enjoy your family and if anything better comes along in the future you'll recognize it! Smile Take care