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Full Version: So I need help regarding gel nail systems
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I have been doing hair and nails for roughly 12 years now and I am in an area now that is limited to only acrylic nails and I want to introduce gel nails to this area but my problem is that I dont know which system to go with. I have dabbled with gel but only because I had coworkers who did gel and I havent done much with nails for the past 5 years as I have been so busy with just hair so ladies help me out. What system do you recommend for gel?
Everyone does nails different - and gels are SO not created equal. I've used tons of different gels, some are runny, some feel heavy, some are cloudy, some are stiff. It really depends on HOW you plan to do your nails, do you want to brush gel on or sculpture it in 1-2 steps. I love Akzentz Natural gel, its what made me fall in love with the Akzentz line, there isn't a gel out there like it.
Where are you at? The best thing to do is go to a show and get demo nails. Next weekend is the show in TN.
I would prefer a line that i can sculpt with. I am in a small rural area of Kansas now and I have a large number of my acrylic clients wanting to make the switch but I want to go with a system with a broad spectrum of options.
Light Elegance ("hard" gel) is my choice: excellent product manufactured by a chemist. Most, if not all, lines have gels you can sculpt with . . . it depends on your application technique.
I love Light Elegance. Reasonable prices, good customer support, and I don't have allergy issues like I've had with other brands.
Quick hijack.... How long do you cure Light Elegance?
Final cure is 2 minutes for Light Elegance; flash curing for 15-30 seconds saves time for layers of gel not being later covered by opaque product.
Thank you! My cousin who has been teaching me gels bought me the LE Pro Kit when she was in Orlando. It didn't have written instructions anywhere with the kit, and since we recently moved we haven't set up our DVD players yet for me to watch the dvd's.
I agree with finding a product with a chemist. Most products are purchased and repackaged. Akzentz also mixes every product in house with our own chemist, so the gels are not like anything else out there. Try to sample a few or hit up a trade show - grab a jar and the brush and play with it at the booth. Wink
talialewis, where exactly in Kansas are you? I am in Topeka & use Akzentz. You are welcome to come play with my gels for a day.
Hey good advice from everyone!!! I have used Light Elegance for years and it is a wonderful product. With their system i used the builder white, pink builder and super shiny. This makes a great looking- strong and natural looking nail. I did switch up to the Akzentz line...i used to use them a few years back and same thing applies. I usr the natural coverage pink cool and the builder white with the regular top gloss....i have used the opalescent top gloss before and really liked it also. They were a cheaper initial investment compared to LE...which was why I went with Akzentz this time. I know that LE has a trial kit at a very reasonable price...but i cannot rembr if Akzentz does. The above poster -- jessica actually sells it so i wld ask her.
But you cant go wrong with either of these lines. I know alot of ppl like Young nails too but i find their line to be a bit runny for me.
Just get some trial kits and use each one on diff. Ppl to see how u like them.
You will find what u prefer easily that way....good luck with everytg!!!! Smile
i bought a while ago super shiny from light elegance and i'm really is not shiny at all when i cure it and sometimes it leaves spots that are not covered when i wipe them after curing.what am i missing here when most of you swear about this product?
While I like LE I am not a big fan of their super shiny. I recently was also disappointed with the customer service last two times I dealt with them. Hopefully it was a fluke. I am currently in love with Star Nails t3 gel. Very reasonably priced.
(07-10-2012, 05:44 PM)tsita78 Wrote: [ -> ]i bought a while ago super shiny from light elegance and i'm really is not shiny at all when i cure it and sometimes it leaves spots that are not covered when i wipe them after curing.what am i missing here when most of you swear about this product?

spots left after you wiped it sounds like it was put on too thin to allow for shrinkage during curing. Also, if it says to cure for 2 min., make sure your lamp is actually on for 2 min. I've timed mine and most are about 10 seconds shy of a full 2 min. cure time.

Yep just like donna said...... when u are getting used to how much to apply---- make sure u do a quick check on each nail to see if there are any pits. Then you just need to go back an usually put a strip down the middle and make sure u do cure it the correct amount of time....and make sure your bulbs arent old.....

Im sorry to hear about the bad customer service..Lezlie has always been such a sweetheart to deal with over the years....maybe she had someone else on the phones??