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Full Version: Star Nail Dual Cure Lamp
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Does anyone actually have one of these lamps and use it? I have been wanting to purchase one for weeks but always find it listed as out of stock. I would love to hear any reviews on how well it works for you. Since I use a variety of different brand gel polishes including Shellac, Gelish, and OPI gel color it would be nice to have one lamp that works for all instead of switching back and forth between UV and LED lamps. Do you know of any beauty supplier who has one currently in stock and available for immediate purchase?
I would highly suggest watching the Doug Schoon uv lamp class from Premiere Orlando video that is posted at the top of the forum Smile.
Thanks, I have and it was highly informative and while I currently have 2 different UV Lamps (Young Nails and a generic) I have not experienced any real issues or product breakdown using Shellac, Gelish, OPI gelcolor and axxium, Mani-Q gel polish and natural nail gel, Synergy traditional gels, TEN gel, Amy Becker's Master Gel, Light Elegance, Gella or Eco (yes I'm a product junkie!) with either lamp although I change the bulbs pretty frequently. I always tell my clients not every product works 100% of the time on every person - but 9 times out of 10 the product works like it was created to, whichever one i use. I'm just working in a small station with limited space to accommodate a separate lamp for each system- not to mention I don't really have the funds to purchase several different lamps. The Star Nail dual lamp I found listed on the industry source website is only $250 and if it actually cures both UV and LED I'm thinking it would make sense economically as well as be more convenient than constantly dragging out a different lamp depending on which color/product my client chooses to wear. I realize some products such as Shellac require only UV cure but others such as Gelish and OPI gel color can cure in both. Gelish lists proper cure times on their bottle and OPI gelcolor listed the UV cure times in their initial promotional advertising in our trade magazines last year. Since I currently use UV to cure all my products I was looking more for speed with LED. I was just wondering if anyone has one of these lamps that always seem to be out of stock and what their experiences with it are, and if any suppliers have one available for purchase.
I dont have one or have used one but they are also available and appear to be in stock at at the same price. Disregard the price show until you register.