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Could anyone tell me if an IBD Jet 5ooo will cure Shellac if cured for a longer amount of time, say 4-6 minutes? ( instead of the reg. 2 minutes) Need to know because want to try on client But want to make sure it will cure completely so she won't have any adverse effect. Thanks.
I don't know what wattage the shellac requires but I think it is a 9 watt product. You'll need to find out what wattage is required. The IBD 1000 is a 4 watt lamp, the 5000 is an 8 watt lamp. When you review the details of a lamp, remember not to look at the "total wattage". What is important is the wattage of the individual bulb. An 8 watt bulb will not cure a 9 watt product. It doesn't matter if your lamp has one bulb (1 x 8w) or 4 bulbs (4 x 8w which may be called a 32 watt lamp) - you need to look at the wattage of the individual bulb to determine what products it will cure. If the individual bulb is 8 watts - it will cure any product that requires anything up to 8 watts. A product requiring 9 watts won't cure. Unfortunately for those of us with an IBD 5000, there are many products that will not cure. I use it for IBD gels and T.E.N. Haven't tried it on other products.