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Full Version: Gel Topcoat over Polish
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Does anyone know of a UV gel topcoat that can be used over polish for instant drying?
A UV gel topcoat (designed for gels) can only be used over polish if the polish is 100% dry.
i use seche uv top coat ijust buy it and im still dont know how to use, i wait 30 minutes to dry the polish and wasnt enought, the second time wait a hole day but still look like the polish vanish a little when i apply the topcoat and the when i apply a second coat look like the tip is opaque i dont know why, maybe its the brand og my polish, i use fingerpaint, but next time i will use china glaze and see how this polish react to the uv topcoat!!!
Holy Cow! I was just wondering about this myself today. Was doing my own nails and was running out of time before work. I put polish on the tips (french style) and IBD Intense Seal on top. I only dried the polish for like 3 minutes in the IBD light. So far they're ok (it's only been a few hours!) so we'll see!

Nailite sells one called Thin Gel Coat. Seche Vite as well as China Glaze also sell one.
I just did it. I used the Seche UV and I didn't like it, didn't have a nice finish. So I did the other hand with Gelish and looked great. Mani lasted!! I did us my China Glaze polish as opposed to others because it's thin and dries fast.
Ive said before that Shellac topcoat works great with polish!! I use stickey base, 2 coats of polish (drying each layer in my 9watt lamps BTW)... the last coat of polish i will actually do about 3 extra cycles. So after its all said and done you are getting about 15 solid minutes of drying time. Then just apply shellac topcoat and cure. Wipe w alcohol for reg.polish tho....and it might not be totally dent proof right away, but i have done this alot on myself with great results....working on clients too. One step further that ive done before is.....before u wipe the disburtion layer on the shellac-- add a layer of regular gel topcoat...Light Elegance super shiny is my fave...and then u have an acetone proof finish!!! It works wonderfully Smile