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Full Version: HELP!!!!New to Booth rental/comission
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Hello everyone, I have just started at a brand new nail salon, I've been a licensed nail tech since 2009 and since then I've always been self employed. Now i have an issue with booth rental or commission, Ive been at this new salon since they opened and I've been working a 60/40 commission with the 40 being my part. Ive been doing a lot of research and have found that usually if you are on commission you fill out a regular W-2 form, well my salon owner had me fill out a different form basically saying that I'm an independent contractor and from my understanding that would usually be used for a booth renter. I've been using my own product because she doesn't have any gel which is what I work with but she has replaced it when I ran out. I'm very confused about the whole situation. Ideally I would like to rent a booth but I'm not sure about the fine lines such as equipment (mani bowels, towels, disinfecting equipment, ect.) Another thing is my salon owner is a new business owner who is still taking business classes so I'm not exactly sure she knows her stuff. Please HELP!!!! I need some advice from techs experienced in the salon business !!!!
U need to post on the regular board....mentoring board is for mentoring questions...Smile

You should of read a detail contract about who supplies what products, while commission is the best path to take in the industry, do you have your own business license? Do you have a contract with the owner, Do you have you own CPA or tax advisor, booth renting is very detrimental to your long term financial planning