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Full Version: Salon Music System advice!
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Hello! I have been using my Pandora on my phone for over 3 years now in my personal Nail studio, I have just come to terms that I dont like it haha!! I have switched phones a few times now having the Android Razor. When texts come in it stops to beep or vibrate, and when calls come in it stops as well, but of corse...its a phone!! It dies super fast draining my battery so I have to keep it plugged in. But when Im in the middle of a service it bugs me, especially if were not talking we can notice the awkward silence for the few seconds! They should invent a PandoPod! Pandora iPod!! LOL

So My question is, what System works best, what do you all use? FM? XM? Serious? I want a system that has little to no commercials, loud volume, various station/channels, not on my phone, but small in size......

Thanks a Bunch! <3
You could run pandora from a laptop or a tablet... if you have wifi in the building. Or you could use your phone as a wifi hot spot.
No wifi...hmmm Thanks
We have Sirrius radio and love it. Before that, I loaded a few different playlists on my Iphone, and that worked great. I played if off a small JVC Ihome, and disabled all my notifications, so it only interrupted when I got a call.