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Full Version: Questions about TEN gel
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I have been using Linkage for awhile now and I love it so I thought I would try their gel. I have read a lot about the heat spike and the need to flash cure but was wanting a little details about how to do that. Do you still cure each layer 2 mins or just flash cure each layer and then cure 2 mins? I have been using Light Elegance and really don't need to flash cure if you don't apply it too thick. Not much heat spike at all. I did just place my order with TEN so it should be here early next week. I went to the website to watch a video on it but it says they have been removed so I just printed off the written instructions. If anyone has any tips for me that would be great. Thanks.

You have to watch your clients, they will forget to flash, and when the heat spikes, it more than takes your breath away. You do not have to cure each layer 2 min, the final 2 min cure does it. My clients with shorter extensions were able to wear their gels thinner with TEN.
there is a definite learning curve to it. I highly suggest you really monitor your clients closely when teaching the new way of doing the lighting process. I never let mine put their hands right into the light, they were schooled to keep the hand just outside about 4-6" depending on how much TEN gel was on their nails. Once they felt no heat then it ok for them to put their hand fully in the lamp.

You'll only need to flash their hand in front of the lamp about 3-4 times to set the gel then after all coats are on, then you do a final 2 min. cure.
Thanks for your help. I figure I will try it on myself first so I know just how it feels if you get to close to the light. Also I seen a small lamp on what looked like a wand. How does that work? Would that be better for flash curing your clients so they just keep their hand still and you control the where the light is?
Like Donna said, there's a definite learning curve to it. I bought the gel when it first came out and used two containers of it. I liked it fine but wasn't over-the-top loving it. I moved down here to Texas and was able to get some firsthand 'training' on it and now I love it. Once I figured out the best way to use it and all the benefits, I MUCH prefer this gel. I've regularly used LE and YN among a couple others but I really do like TEN over all of the others. TEN is stronger and when used properly, is quick and easy to use. I know this doesn't answer your specific question but I wanted to give my .02¢. Smile