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Full Version: Does the length of your nail table to short for you too?
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In many years of giving manicures and enhancements. I always found the nail tables to be to short in length. Because they are short in length we always have to replace products on and of the tables during a service. Do you have any hints and experience on this, and do you feel the same way I do?.... I would like to work on a ten foot manicure table and just roll my chair to get the right products. I would have more room to set-up for the service. I guess its in the perfect world[/font][/size]
Hi Ladies,
It's a typo ....
My thread is : Is the length of your nail table to short for you?
I have found this true, so i just mounted 2 small ikea shelf to the right of my table for things like bottles (alcohol, remover, cuticle oil etc) nail wipes, file stickers, soaking foil etc. This way they arent taking up space on the table.
I have a small black filing cabinet with 3 drawers to my right side for my files, gels, acrylic jars, etc. I just built a polish and glitter rack the fits on top of the cabinet, so I can keep those at my fingertips, but not on my table. It helps that my clients can see all the jars of bling. My table is not a manicure table, those always felt too small and kinda not sturdy. I have a feeling you would be rolling around a lot with a 10 ft table. Try thinking up, under and sideways, so you don't have to move around much.
I always had the same problem. My solution...a nail bar instead of a table. You can see a picture of it on my salon facebook page at The nail bar is made up of 2 tall tables that I purchased at Target for $89 each, a cabinet base between the two that provides ample storage for excess supplies (such as files, product, etc), and a countertop that can be purchased at any home improvement store. Of course you don't have to do it as tall (bar height) as it can be made at a regular mani table height as well.