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Looking for a bright red. We have provana (sp?) but it fades faster than i would like. We have a very small hair supplier with very little new product. I can have it shipped, so if anyone knows of a great red, can u let me know?!
Which Pravana red are you using and on what natural color hair? I have a natural level 7 that is very nuetral and I use Pravana's 6.66 with a 10v and it stays VERY red very well. Is your client using a color enhancing shampoo? Tressa water colors shampoo in Fluid Fire does amazing things to keep reds red.
try sealing in your red also with a glaze, reds will always fade fast
(11-22-2011, 08:38 PM)kailiek Wrote: [ -> ]reds will always fade fast

True! LOL! (As I am currently Joico Vero K-Pak Hair Color 6FR (Crimson Red) on a level 7/8!)

And you can never truly get rid of it either.
Redken Shades makes great reds as does Paul Mitchell! I've also used ISO and that line gives a TON of deposit and the reds don't generally fade too quickly!