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Full Version: shellac
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Has anyone ever tried a regular Polish over shellac? I have colors in shellac that I can't get anyone to try, so I put a regular Polish over one of the shellac colors and it gave it a different look but the shine wasn't as vibrant but, I got more people interested in trying this color now. Does anyone have any experience with this experiment? LOL if so should I put a regular topcoat over it to bring out the shine or do the shellac topcoat again?

Thanks for any advice
You can do both. but you would have to wait for the polish to be 100% dry before you can add the top coat
Thank you Sachi, that helped alot
I tried it and it peeled after a few days.
Nope. Shellac works great. Not fooling with it
Which colors? Maybe wr can suggest some lasting with shellac
Hey, just tried that recently, so will let ya know how it does.
I use a holographic topcoat. But I have not had any issues with any colors as long as you let it dry.
I would suggest using pigments or even eye shadow to spice up the color or foil to add interest.
I like the pigment or eyeshadow idea, do you have any in particular that you recommend mitchelesheree?