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Full Version: Nail salon opening (help!!)
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Last year in September we moved to Dayton, OH. We bought our first house in Germantown. A very fashionable, little town.
I playing with the idea to open my own nail salon, here is only one salon doing nails, but there doing only gel polish/ natural nail care services.
Right now I am so exited to think about to open my own salon, but a same time I am scared too.
I really want to work here in this town, so I am near by home and easily I can take care off my children too.
To be honest I already fund a place to rent. Smile
I need some advice what is a cost to maintain a salon?
Any good advice welcome.
I am a nail tech, my dad owned a salon. Be prepared to work alot 24/7. He had 6 cosmetology people working for him. I helped him with the balancing of schedules and pay. It's not an easy job and you have to have an open mind to be fair with your employees. He did run it smoothly for 20 years. He did alot- even running to the supply house to buy all the supplies for everyone. He catered to his employees to make them happy, and they were. He made alot of money, but it wasn't without headaches....If you love love love it like he did, then do it!!!!
It's really hard for anyone else to project what your costs will be, as they would vary a great deal depending on your area, service menu and pricing, etc.

To figure out your costs you need to start listing every possible expense and then do your homework to plug numbers in to come up with your budget. Just as a starting point, you would need to consider...

1) Set-up: what work needs to be done to prepare the space for a salon - paint, repairs, installing sinks, etc.

2) Fixed Overhead: rent, utilities, licensing, credit card processing, insurance...

3) Hospitality: bevarage/snack service and any equipment needed, such as coffee pot, cups, plates, microwave, refrigerator - all this would depend on what you plan to offer

4) Services: list every little item needed for services, including equipment, implements and everything down to wipes and containers, etc. as well as the various products

5) Furnishings/Equipment: Reception, retail area, service areas, dispensary, restroom, decor, etc.

6) Marketing: business cards, brochures, website, signage, etc

Obviously I just gave a broad list - before starting you should have a list and budget for every little thing, because it adds up fast!
Contact John Hauk; he lives near you.
Check out this article about salon costs and service pricing:
(06-29-2012, 10:08 AM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]Contact John Hauk; he lives near you.
Check out this article about salon costs and service pricing:

Thanks for answering. I get a big help from the Small Business Development Center, here in Dayton.
WOooW I dont't know that John is from Cincinnati. Just a 45 minutes away from me.