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Full Version: Gelish and nail art
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Can I use the acrylic craft paints to do nail art over my Gelish polish and then use the top coat? I didn't know if I would have problems with it.
works fine.
I just did a french manicure yesterday this way and the paint started chipping off. Could it be that the clients nails were so short and it was almost impossible to cap the free edge with the top it off gel?
If you can't cap then you will have chipping for sure.
Why not just use Gellish polish to do the art?
(06-06-2012, 01:28 AM)mdmc Wrote: [ -> ]Why not just use Gellish polish to do the art?

because it way to thin and you can not build with Gelish, and does not complety cure under the UV or LED light,

use a pure gel system....