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Full Version: Brush Size/Shape For Gels
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I was window shopping today and came across various gel brush sizes.

Im currently using a filbert shaped size 6 and was curious what sizes/shapes and types (synthetic vs kolinsky) others were using and the benefits they have found.

I like to use different sizes but I'm not sure just what they are. I bought some stuff from ebay and I got a set of about 8 brushes, ranging from way too big to way too small. I love them for gel! They're shorthandled, have a filbert type brush, synthetic, and for some reason they're not 'fraying ' on the end like some brushes do and I've had them for a while. I've just recently found out the really small 'cat tongue' type is great of using dry pigment on the nail. I can place it just where I want it. Go on ebay and put in gel brushes as a search. The set I have is clear handled with a pink swirly in it. I'll check here in a bit and see if I can find some so I can post the link.