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Full Version: Nail Techs wearing Gelish
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Are there any of you nail techs that can't wear Gelish?

I have always done really good with this product until lately. I am lucky if I get a week and my nails have been splitting. I have never had splitting in my life, my natural nails are very strong, very healthy. Think I'll go back to my regular polish for a bit.

Love to hear from you guys, clients do well, it's just me.

I was wearing gelish for a while and then became allergic to it. My skin would peel, itch and crack. I stopped wearing it for a while. Now I can wear it if I use a different base and top coat.
I do not get the wear time after a while of wearing any gel so I have to take a break for a while. My nails are thin though
Never had any problems with it... in fact I get longer wear with gelish than most any other. I am so glad I'm not having any trouble.... Smile Have you tried Shellac? Or IBD Just Gel?
I have worn the top coat with no problems but I've had one client who absolutely can't wear it due to allergies. She wears hard gel and polish with no problems tho and she also can't wear acrylic. For that reason, I would NOT use Gelish on someone who told me they were allergic to acrylic unless I did a sample nail on a client to see if they can tolerate it.
Thanks for the replies, I thought it may be my bulbs but no one else is having any issues. They are a year old but I don't do many gelish clients.