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Full Version: How do you use a Practice finger ?
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What is the best way you have found to make the nail stick to a practice finger and have it easy to remove without causing too much damage?
If you don't want to file or soak the nail off the finger, I would either not use any bonder or primer for practicing on acrylic or if you are practicing painting and nail art use eyelash glue to glue a nail to the practice finger. Good Luck!
Place 2 nails inside of it instead of one
I found that I can stick a tip under the "skin" part of the practice finger (between the bed and cuticle), make my design and it just comes right out. Then I have a nail to show off!
Use two coats of base coat polish on the finger, and you can build right on it. When you're done, just put downward pressure on the free edge and it should pop right off Smile