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Full Version: Buffing Cream
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Has anyone used buffing cream for pink and whites? If so what brand and what are the steps, and do they look nice for the full 2 weeks?
I didn't know there was a buffing cream? Where did you hear of this?
We use CND Solar Oil.
A couple of my clients that go to fl. for the winter told me that is what they use. So does the cnd leave the p&w shiney or do you put a top coat on?
i've used a buffing cream instead of a UV topcoat on clients who don't like to use the UV lamp. i don't remember the brand, but i know i just picked it up at sally's. it's a bit more work, but a nice result.
you have to buff in steps, coarse to fine, and then just a touch of the buffing cream (too much and it splatters!!) and use a chamois bit on your e-file. shines like glass!!! HTH!!

oh yeah..... ALWAYS finish with CND solar oil!!!!! LOVE that stuff!!!!
i tell all my clients it's a MUST HAVE!!!
CAT- we use CND solor oil to buff acrylics to a shine then a top coat is applied. . We also use solar oil to buff natural nails to a shine. (with no top coast applied) It works well for us and the clients are happy.
Thanks you guys!!
Check with your board before using the chamois-they aren't legal in some states.
I have used Marcel Germaine buffing cream for 15 years. I use it with a chamois bit in my e file. It stays shiny up to 4 weeks. The distributors have changed over the years but you can google it and find some iam sure.
katydid- Sounds perfect, up to 4 weeks? I shall try it, thanks for sharing.
Are chamois legal in CA? I couldn't find anything on it.
(06-08-2012, 01:00 AM)jluper7297 Wrote: [ -> ]Are chamois legal in CA? I couldn't find anything on it.

The use of chamois in CA is not illegal. Its the RE use of them. They consider these one time use items and must be disposed of after using on a client as they can not be washed in a washing machine according to state board regulations as far as temps etc like regular "towels." The chamois bits can not sanitized and disinfected by stateboard regulations.

So, in a nut shell, they arent banned but if you follow proper disposable requirements for abrasives, then you can use them. I havent found a way to utilize them that is cost effective, though.