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Full Version: Looking for a good school near Santa Cruz, Ca.
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Hello! I will be moving to the Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay area of Cal. within the next year or so and want to practice aesthetics either in a spa or medical setting.
I was in the business here in Las Vegas back in the early 80's and loved it. I didn't get a handle on the business side of things and gave it up after about 4 years.
I'm looking forward to my new life in Cal. and want to return to the industry that I loved so much.
Can anyone refer me to a highly regarded school in the area I mentioned above or are there any online type education programs that are worth attending.
I also understand that ones education really begins after the license is acquired. The Dermal Institute in Marina del Ray was cutting edge back then and I did attend quite a few classes there.
Who's cutting edge now and how do I get the training also needed in laser treatment, etc...