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Full Version: Premiere Orlando question
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Good morning all! I'll be going to the Orlando show next week and have a question. What should I bring with me? I've never been to a show before and I'm taking two classes while I'm there. Any advice?
My first Trade show - what do I need to know?
this thread here in the sticky posts area

Any more questions those 2 articles dont answer please ask!

Hope you have your ticket for the Social!
MONEY....MONEY....MONEY..... and then some
If you plan to shop, pack a suitcase of clothes, and put that inside a bigger, empty suitcase Smile
Comfortable shoes and an open mind . . .
Does anyone know when we will recieve our tickets? Can't wait!!
No tickets are sent.. you need to know your name and should bring a copy of your receipt with you.. if you have not filled put the event form yet, please do so.. a link was emailed to you about that!
Great! Thank you