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Full Version: Gelish changing colors
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I've been using Gelish for about 3 years and just in the past few months have had a couple of colors change on me. One of them was Go Girl that changed from pink to an orangy-peach color and the other one was Carnaval Hangover. That one changed from a bright purple to a purpley-pink.

The only thing I can think of is perhaps they were old. I think I bought them about a year ago. Have any of you had this happen?

I was embarrased when my clients came back after only a few days with completely different colors on their nails than what I had put on them. Blush
\Wow I thought I was going nuts!!! Same thing but with the dark blue a regular client uses, turns red in the third week! My supply is over a year old also.
Vegas Nights turned a gross yellow on me..not even a 1/2 bottle gone! I was like WTF!
I've had two thats changed colors on me, one's a light pink, did a french with and the client came back looking like a 2 pack a day smoker! It changed after I put it on her and no, she wasn't outside or tanning. The other is the holographic glitter in the clear, don't know the name of it but the clear has turned canary yellow in the bottle........bleh!
I'm so glad it's not just me!!! Other than Pampered1, do the other two of you know about how old your Gelish is?

And here's a little FYI for you guys. I went to my nail supplier tonight to pick up some new Gelish to replace the ones that have changed and the price went up $4.00 a bottle AND will be going up at least $2.00 more in the next 60 days! Looks like it's time for me to find a new gel polish line to use! With the economy the way it is, for the life of me, I can't understand Harmony raising their prices $6.00 per bottle in a matter of a few weeks. No way would my clients continue coming to me if I were raising my prices twice in less than 2 months. SO frustrating!!!!
I found that Moroccan Nights turned a gross yellow, Tassles has gotten very sheer and I have to do 4 coats to get a little opaqueness, Go Girl turned orange, Desert Sands turned yellow and very sheer and Carnaval Hangover turned more pink.
All of my silvers and June bride have turned >Sad they are over a year old.
Fluff...I just bought three new bottles of I'm terrified I'm going to see them in a few months and they're going to look like a 70's basement.
Mine didn't start changing colors until they were about a year old.