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Hey ladies....I have been at the same salon for 11 yrs specializing in natural nail manis & pedis, working commission or hourly whichever is greater. The owner has been good to me over the years...but a couple iWeeks ago the only other manicurist decided she wanted my Thursdays Sad Since she's the owners friend she let her have them. I was pretty upset. I'm a single mom of 3 kids and have a really hard time making ends meet as it is. (my last check was $250 for 2 weeks of work!!!) Well, I told a LONG time client about this and mentioned that I found a place that is only $100/mo pt. Which is awesome. All I would hv to do is purchase my products. My client said if I liked the place she would pay my rent for as long as it takes so I can make $. Isn't that sooooooo nice?! But I'm realizing I've never rented in the 15 yrs I've done nails. Should I be afraid or do u think I can make some $$$ Smile just need someone to push me I guess with encouragement...I'm afraid of change
I started booth renting last year only doing natural nail manis, pedis, and gel manis. If you already have some clients who you think will follow you I say go for it. I only work part time and now I am just about fully booked up all the days that I work. Even in the first month I made enough to pay my rent ($385) plus some take home money. If you love it and think positive you can do it.
Thank you Smile That's encouraging. And I do have some clients that I know will come to me..and I'll try to build from there. Smile
If you have clients that you know will follow you, I'd say make the move. The amount she wants for rents seems extremely reasonable and you'll never have to worry about someone else taking your days/hours since you can completely control that once you are renting.

Several years ago I left an upscale day spa where I was an employee and opened a salon 30 miles away with no existing clientelle. In the beginning I was doing only natural nail manicures and pedicures. It was the best decision I ever made. If I had never left that job, I know I would have always been thinking "what if?".

Awww Sherrie that is so awesome! I'm glad your business took off and that's sooo true that I wouldn't have to worry about someone taking my hours! I'm getting really excited about this opportunity now and I agree it's a very small risk to take. I will stay at the spa I'm at but maybe a couple days a week renting will make me not so afraid of change Smile
Just remember, legally the clients that you've got belong to the salon. (I know, I know, clients don't BELONG to anyone) I did say LEGALLY. The owner might not be nearly as nice if she knows you're thinking of leaving and taking income that helps her bottom line, with you. Make sure you have all your clients' contact info and I really wouldn't discuss it with your clients because I quarantee you, one of them will tell the owner and you'll find yourself OUT with no place to go.

and YES, I believe you can make it on your own. It's scary but soooo worth it.
If your clients have a way of contacting you other than at the salon, they will and there is nothing the salon owner can do. In my experience working at two places usually does not work especially if you plan on telling your clients that you are working at a new place also - this may be considered illegal. Your present boss will give you your walking papers as soon as someone tells her.

After 11 years I would think that many of your regulars will be looking to find you, so make it easy for them - a small ad in the local paper. In my town the local grocer has a board where people can post things. Outside of the salon you can do whatever you want to to let your clients know where you are now.

To me it seems like an easy decision to make the change, but most of us humans are resistant to change and are afraid of the unknown.

Good Luck!