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Full Version: Pedicure footrest help?
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Hi Girls... My delima while doing pedicures whether client rests their leg on mine or my Kayline pedicure cart (#505) my hips are giving me alot of trouble. I need to eliminate the weight of clients leg or straddling of the cart. Any suggestions ? PLEASE :0) Greatly appreciate it ***********
I suggest a foam pedicure wedge, it elevates the clients feet enough to perform a good pedicure. The cart is so uncomfortable, I could not stand it either but had to use it for years!!!..
Are you working in a salon or home?
If home, you can tailor to your own needs to make it comfortable to do your work.
Hi, I just got the PediStil and it has really helped me since I came back from double carpal tunnel surgery. It is a cushion that elevates the leg and foot so you don't have to hold their weight, allowing you to slough dead skin. It's also more comfy for the client.
It has really helped me, good luck. Kelly*
Here is my pedi set up...

It has saved my back!
Here's my pedi set up... scroll down a bit for the slide show of how we built it. Nails mag is publishing a step by step with all the details in the July issue