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Full Version: I moved...and I'm freaked out about State Board Regulations
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I just moved to Virginia and the salon I'm in reuses everything. Yuck! Things that I have always known to be single-use only. Files, Buffers, PUMICE BARS. Gross! And get this, they don't even soak them in Barbicide.

The language I can find on the VA board website about nail tech regulations seems very old fashioned to me. I'm not sure that I can in good faith work here. My skin is crawling. Does VA really allow this stuff to be reused over and over?
I am dual licensed in NY & VA so I went and read the VA regs (again).. here is what I see:

Some of it seems a bit redundant to me, and some should be updated IMHO.. but the sanitation and file reuse issues are very clear. I'm a little surprised at the general nature of the regs being as VA I have found to be very forward thinking in their government as a general rule

I suggest you print the document and speak to the owner about your concerns.

(page 12)
B. Each shop owner, salon owner or school owner shall ensure that no employee, licensee, student or apprentice performs any service beyond the scope of practice for the applicable license.
[[ scope pf practice clauses basic cover the boards butt about doing this not included in the actual wording of the rules/laws - if you cut someone with a credo blade during a pedi - that would be an invasive procedure - which you should not be doing. Other states specifically state what you can do - "enhance the appearance of the hands or feet to the elbow or knee" for instance NY states something similar as do other states ]]

(page 13)
B. Disinfection and storage of implements.
1. A wet disinfection unit is a container large enough to hold a disinfectant solution in which the objects to be disinfected are completely immersed. A wet disinfection unit must have a cover to prevent contamination of the solution. The solution must be a hospital (grade) and tuberculocidal disinfectant solution registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Disinfectant solutions shall be used according to manufacturer’s directions. Disinfection is to be carried out in the following manner:
[[ go to the document to read it all ]]

(page 15 E)
8. Clean spatulas, other clean tools, or clean disposable gloves shall be used to remove bulk substances from containers;

11. For nail care, a sanitary container shall be provided to each client. Emery boards shall be discarded after use on each individual client;
[[ other states are far more specific about what is considered single use, what can or can not be sanitized/disinfected ]]

(page 16 G)
3. A nail drill or motorized instrument shall be used only on the free edge of the nail;
4. No shop, salon, school or facility providing cosmetology or nail care services shall have on the premises cosmetic products containing hazardous substances that have been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in cosmetic products.
[[ this is misguided as the FDA never actually went the final step of baning MMA for the nail industry.. they strongly warned against its use ]]

(page 17)
6. Each barber, cosmetologist, and nail technician must have a wet disinfection unit at his station.

(page 19)
J. All shops, salons, schools and facilities shall maintain a self-inspection form on file to be updated on an annual basis, and kept for five years, so that it may be requested and reviewed by the board at its discretion.

I've read other state rules that are far more specific to be honest, but again, your concerns are explicitly expressed in the rules.

I live outside of Richmond, and have my own studio space to do nails out of because I could not find a place I felt comfortable working for. I apprenticed at the #1 rated nail salon at the time, and since I apprenticed I took their word as right, but when I started doing research on my own I learned so many things that they were doing that were wrong. The state board here does not care and because of that its unlikely that your employer will either. The place I apprenticed at was inspected right before I quit and they received an A+ rating even though pumice stones, files, buffers were being reused and the disinfectant was not being mixed properly (among a slew of other things). I honestly don't know of a single place that disinfects things properly except for myself and the Hand and Foot clinic at Johnston Willis Hospital (although I really hope there are some salons in the city that do things right...).
Debbie, I can't help but giggle at your view of us having a forward thinking government here - you must have missed the whole Personhood Bill shenanigan?
Trina Smile I dont live there full time .. yet... so I'm not up on the local politics as I am here in NY.. but I really feel VA is much better at a lot of things as opposed to NY.. NY's laws are far more explicit though in our licensing than VA's

I'm going to get Debbie W who is in Richmond to jump in on this discussion (licensing issues not local politics!)
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I will share what I know and what I have experienced here in Va. It has only been in the last couple of years that the board has been doing inspections at all. Prior to that, tho we had written regulations, they weren't enforced. The salon I worked in when they began inspections was one of the first to be inspected WITHOUT notice. They just walked in as we were doing clients and busted us. Tho I fared better than the stylist, I got caught on a few things. I will share those specifics. I do store my implements in barbacide, tho it wasn't labeled. LABEL everything. I was using nondisinfectable files on multiple clients after washing and sanitizing them. They took pictures of the files. It is ok by them to wash and sanitize files but they must be SANITIZABLE and say so on the file. The disposable buffers they overlooked. I have since started disposing of them after each client. Cleaned and sanitized drill bits must be stored in a closed container IN A DRAWER, not on the desktop. All linens, clean or dirty, must be in a covered container. This means clean towels must be behind a door and dirty must be in a SOLID container with a lid. I use a portable pedi bath system which was never addressed. Have ALL of your MSDS info in a binder and available.

Honestly I found them fairly lenient. If you follow normal commonsense guidelines, and are clean, they won't have a huge issue with you. We were re-inspected and passed with no problem. Now that this has been brought up, I need to go back and review the regulations again as we are probably up for inspection again soon. It really isn't as hard as they make it out to be.., if I think of anything else I will add on. Good luck in your new endeavor. And don't give up! VA is a lot easier to deal with than a lot of states!

Debbie in VA