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Full Version: Tips to Improve Basic Mani/Pedi Speed
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I graduated school about a month ago and for my salon I need to get my manicure down to 25 minutes and my pedicure down to 35 minutes. It is currently taking me about 35-40 mins depending on the polish for a manicure. For a pedicure, it takes me about 40-50 mins. What can I do to get it down? Polishing and filing takes me the most time. I've been trying to do less filing by cutting as much as I can as close to the shape I want but most of the clients at this salon have very short nails and it is difficult to cut and file their nails. Any tips?

This is my procedure:

1. Remove polish.
2. Cut and file nails (We use emery boards for filing). Apply cuticle remover. Soak hand.
3. Repeat on other hand.
4. Push back cuticles and buff off leftover dead tissue. Trim hangnails and cuticle as necessary.
5. Repeat on other hand.
6. Massage hands for 1-2 mins. Wrap in hot towel.
7. Remove excess lotion with towel. Clean nails.
8. Polish

1. Remove polish.
2. Cut and file nails. Apply cuticle remover. Lightly buff heels (Diamancel Buffer) and callouses. Soak.
3. Repeat.
4. Push back cuticles. Buff leftover dead tissue. Buff heels and callouses again.
5. Repeat on other foot.
6. Massage for 2-3 mins. Wrap in hot towel.
7. Remove excess lotion and clean nails.
8. Polish.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
For your pedicure, you should use one of the great callus elliminators that we have available to us. I use La Palm. I think it works the best.

After you soak the feet, remove the first foot, put the callus elliminator on a plastic bag (I use those bread bags that have no "zipper" on them and put my hand inside the bag, use the other hand to squeeze the product into my hand that is protected by the bag, and rub it around on the foot, that way you dont get the product on your own skin), rub it on the callus areas, and leave the bag on the bottom of the foot. Wrap the foot in a towel, and then proceed with your toes, trimming, shaping, cuticles etc. When you are done with that foot, remove the towel, and the bag, wipe off excess callus elliminator, and then use your foot file. The dead skin literally rolls off the foot. It is super cool, in a gross sort of way! Learning what steps your can combine will definitely help you save time!
Make your mani waterless. This also eliminates some of the polish peeling and chipping.....the nail isn't soaked, so there is no evaporation of water from the nail plate. Sanitize hands, shape nails, apply cuticle remover to all ten nails. Push cuticles, spray with a water bottle and wipe fingers with a towel or send them to the sink to wash, check for fly aways and nip if needed, apply lotion and massage only the hands- you can apply lotion to the arm, clean nail plates with an alcohol wipe to remove lotion, apply base coat, color, and top coat. Be sure to use a quick drying top coat like Seche Vite.
You don't need to soak for either manicures and pedicures, nor do you need to waste time wrapping clients in hot towels; read more about my instructions for waterless services on my website by registering as a professional at the bottom of the home page.
I too am working on timing. I noticed that all of your responses require changing her procedure. Where I am (in NY) that is the basic mani and pedi procedure. I don't know about your salon but each individual cannot perform services as they choose.
After doing so many services, we all come up with our own favorite methods and products to perform them. If you are tied to salon procedures and others are hitting those times, it's probably just a matter of gaining the experience which is really what cuts down on your time. Once you've performed the exact same routine a certain number of times, you will naturally become faster just due to the fact that you will begin doing the steps by rote. It's just like driving, experienced drivers respond more quickly to unexpected events because they don't have to consciously decide to respond, it's instinctive.

So, sadly, sometimes the answer is practice, practice, practice.
cut your time on manicures by not wrapping towels on their hands (this procedure is like a spa mancure and of course would take more time.)
My services includel alot of dry manicures. The same as listed on the above post.
Make sure you have a good implement to push and remove cuticles. This will cut alot of time on the prep of your manicure.