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Full Version: Ready to throw in my brush
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Im so frustrated. Since i left my former walk-in salon job and have been on my own i rarely do acrylics or hard gels. 90% of my clientele is natural service or gel polish. I do so little enhancements i don even buy nail tips anymore i just sculpt them when someone asks. Im getting frustrated tho that Im losing my edge. The one or two clients i do enhancement on, have started having issues. i did a hard gel set last week and shes already destroyed them. Idk if its her or me but Ive agreed to fix them. Shes a fellow stylst and her baby shower is Sat. I cant let her go looking like that. How do i know if it me? Im in Tn so classes are not an option and competition is too extreme to get help from another tech. After my baby is born Ive got the chance to move into a new shop all my own. Should i just drop acrylics and hard gel from the menu?
I am north of you and east of Knoxville. I know how you feel about the class situation. Thank goodness for Jill Wright and the Networking Event. She has brought education to us. Being a former educator, I know how it is in this area. It is a shame...companies have sent edcators to the area, but no one wants to take the classes or even take time to stop a few minutes to see an in- store demo- been there done that. I know here in this town the techs are so jealous of one another and afraid someone will take a client that they would not even attend a meet and question session with the State Board Inspector. They woiuld rather bite their noses off to spite their faces.
Hang in there. If nothing else find some "guinea piggies" to practice on. Or even do up a practice sheet like the one Tammy Taylor has to keep your edge. Good luck.
while our situation is different I feel your pain. Im a newbie, and the salon Im in doesnt even offer acrylic. I started to work with buildable gel and we added it to the menu, but nobody wants builadble gel, and frankly IM SO OVER buildable gel. The tech I work under offers ONLY natural nail services and is making $$$$- nothing wrong with natural, but I totally get the frustation of not being able to keep up with your craft. Ive started practicing at home..

I wouldnt drop the services at all!!!