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Full Version: Smile lines for P&W
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Do you do them freehand or use a cutter?
Learned to freehand, have never used a cutter for acrylic or guides for painting French polish (no clean-up brush either).
I learned freehand as well and always did them that way. Now I see these newfangled cutters and wondered if anyone besides the Asian shops used them.
I also learned freehand, not that I am perfect at it though...I had bought a cutter some years ago but never tried to use it...
Free hand all the way. I used the Tammy Taylor practice sheet until I Finally got it.
I freehand and then "tuck and/or swipe." I need my white to have a really crisp edge, and if I don't tuck, the pink leaves a tiny thin shadow at the smile. Tucking the white allows the pink to flow under the white, allowing for a crisp smile! Smile
Definitely Freehand! Smile
Freehand...never used cutters
Definitely freehand. I learned to do it this way with both enhancement services and french polish. Would rather freehand than try to mess with any tools or guides, etc.