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Full Version: Nail Fungus: No Idea Why!! HELP
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I desperately need someones help. I have a client who is 67. She is allergic to acrylic and gel enhancements so we do wraps. For some unknown reason she keeps developing fungus on two of her fingers. When I see it under the enhancement I take it off to let it breathe. She then puts some fungicure stuff on she has at home and the next week its gone. I cannot figure out what is going on. The only thing that touches her nail plate is the glue brush and I have used many different brushes, so its not like the brush is harboring the bacteria. I have no idea what to do, or what to tell her. Now she cry when I tell her we need to take it off and leave it off Dodgy its so frustrating! Can anyone help me understand whats going on?? Huh
LexiLou.. Your procedure is basically fine.. it's your wording that's a little off here Smile Her nails don't breathe Smile You are taking off the enhancement to allow air to get to the nail plate Smile It's not fungus, it pseudomonas bacterial infection - or greenies - because the real term scares some people Smile

There are a few articles both here and in the consumer site that will help educate you and your client about the situation.

What is that green stuff on my client's nail, is it MOLD?
What are GREENIES?
(consumer site)I've got green spots on my nails

I will add from my personal experience some people are just more prone to greenies than others. I personally also found that older women - in the age range of your client - were the ones who tended to get them more often and over and over again.

Go read those articles and see if you are doing all the things they mention.. if not lets go over it together.
Thank you so much! That was very helpful!