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Full Version: Nail Talk Radio: Taking the ILL out of your "drill"
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Nail Talk Radio
Next Show: 05/21/12
Special Guest: Richard Hurter CEO and Repair and Service Manager Robert Arthur of Kupa Inc

Does the word "drill" make you sick to your stomach?

Is your e-file
a) covered in dust
b) a dinosaur
c) barely twirlling the bit
d) all of the above

KUPA can help!! Join CEO Richard Hurter & Repair and Service Manager Robert Arthur Of KUPA Inc, the Cadillac of E-Files to get the fine points on how to use, take care and keep your e-file running for decades. Their new program allows you to "trade in" your old file for a new one while upgrading YOUR SKILLS with their new training academy. Hear what they have to say about common mistakes nail techs make that can potentially destroy equipment and learn the secret of the tune up.

You could even win a brand new Upower 2G!


Listen here:

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Death and Taxes are unfortunately unavoidable, and even though we haven't found a way to make you live longer, on the last episode of Nail Talk Radio we WERE able to help answer some of your questions on how to deal with Uncle Sam!