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Full Version: Out of the loop!
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Hello ladies! I am new here. My cousin pointed me here (Hi Susan!) I used to be licensed and working in a salon. I mostly did acrylics and pedi's. 9 years ago I got pregnant, ended up on bed rest for 5 months and let my license expire. Life got in the way and I never renewed it. Now I am in a position that I heve time to study and I am excited to retake my State Board Exam and get back in to it. My problem is I feel so out of the loop! I've never done gels. Even at Beaty school, they never taught us. They literally told us "If you can polish, you can do gels". I'm pretty sure it's not that easy! When I was working before it was a non-issue because they were not really popular out here. Now they are gaining popularity so I feel I should learn them. Any tips on a good starting point?
Hey! Any Cali techs out there?
Hi Sue10. As far as I know, there are only a handful of us on the board that are in CA. Where are you located?
Welcome back to the biz, it's a Wonderful profession! Have you checked out some of the gel application videos online? Light Elegance has some on the website, I know there are loads of them on youtube too. We have some fabulous educators in CA, if you call LE HQ, I am sure that they can put you in touch with someone. 800-275-5596 You will find the most helpful customer service there too! Smile
check out Youtube, it's a wealth of info for FREE! Glad you're back in the biz and here with us.

Oh, and I forgot to add to my earlier post, it is NOT like polishing nails! Do it that way, they won't last!
Sue is my cousin, she in on the East Coast & I am in CA. She is the one that pointed me to this board. I have been reading and re-reading this board for 3 days now. I have laughed at myself several times already. I think I'm definitely outdated. I placed a huge order for most of what I need to practice and get started. Case in point, my drill. I looked all over the place researching e-files and went with my tried & true dremel style like I used to use. I know, so 1990's right? I just gave myself a fill and can't wait till my daughter gets home so I can do a full set! I must say after not touching the stuff for 7 years, my fill came out pretty darn good!
I received gel training from masterworks by amy becker and i will say it was the systems and techniques that made the most sense to me as a newbie with gel. She also offers 1 on 1 training via webcam so she can see your technique and fine tune your skills. A LOT cheaper than a plane ticket or show ticket. I second youtube, young nails has a few gel vids that can help quite a bit as well and, they are free. Hope this helps