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Full Version: What To Retail Clients With Toe Fungus???
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Hello, I usually tell my clients with funky toe nails to use Vicks or Listerine. However, I'm losing out on a possible retail sale. What is out there to help with fungus we can sell to our clients and actually works???? Has anyone used Formula 3? I remember it from years ago, but I'm not sure if it's a preventative or a cure??

Thanks, Kelly*
I would love answers to these questions too... Does anything really work??
It is my belief that it is not my position to treat or recommend anything other than visiting their doctor for a true medical diagnosis.
I have had 2 clients that wanted to know what to use on their fungus toenail...(just big toe) I suggested Tea Tree Oil, told them how to use it and it cleared right up. If it does not clear up then suggest they see a podiatrist.
While we cannot diagnose or treat a client issue, I do suggest a product to my clients by "Nail Tek" that I understand from a foot doctor (a foot doctor that works with the nail industry) contains a very good anitfungal. "Nail Tek" is a product line for nail professionals.

The active ingredient in "Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal" that seems to be very effective is miconazole nitrate 2%.

In the real world, unfortunately a very low percentage of clients are willing to go and see a foot doctor for any type of foot issue -especially not for a little bit of toenail infection/fungus, if I suspect they may have the start of it.

I do not want my clients to get a full blown toenail infection/fungus so I make them suggestions as to how they can choose to handle it. I also mention that they should see their foot doctor as well. Of course, they very, very rarely ever do that.

Dr. G's Clear Nail is very good
Nail Raising and I are on the same page....we do assume what a client might have and can not diagnose. I am all for retailing items...but anti-fungal creams, and such are not things that I deal with.

My policy is that if it looks like the nail is not healthy, I will not service them, they really need to see a professional to diagnose and treat.
I wholeheartedly agree with what Nail Raising and Malea posted. We are licensed to work on healthy nails only. If you even suspect your client has a fungus, your job is to refer her to a podiatrist. By recommending a fungal treatment you are in essence diagnosing, which is out of the scope of our license.

I've had decent past experience with Footlogix Nail Tincture.
Our policy in my salon is to NOT diagnose and/or treat fungal infections or any other medical disorder. By law, you are not supposed to provide services to a client with a fungal infection. And if you suspect one you should be referring to a physician. I am not afraid to decline to provide a service. Get on good terms with a podiatrist in your area that you can send referrals to if needed. But do not diagnose or treat conditions such as this. It is beyond our scope of practice to do so and could lead to more problems that you even care to deal with. By recommending a "treatment" you are not only treating a medical condition but you are also diagnosing it. Leave that to the docs.

As for clients that refuse to go see a doctor...well that's their problem and I refuse to make it mine by doing something that I know I am not supposed to do.
OH my, retailing an item for a nail disorder could be construed as you diagnosing a health condition. Please be very careful in doing this! Would hate to see you get into trouble with your state dept. or have a liable suit on your hands. Would not be fun!
I'm also going to agree with Footlogix Nail Tincture. Its so awesome I started distributing it Smile Retail really helps with your income and for my clients who get gels, its hard to retail anything since they don't need anything for maintenance! Many of them pick up the Tincture or Mouse formulas for themselves and family.