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Full Version: Footsie Pedi Liners LEAKING???
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Hello, I've been using the Footsie Bath with disposable liners for about a year now and love them. However, the last few boxes of liners seem to be flimsy and when I take the basket out, there's water in the unit. Are they leaking??? Anyone else have this issue??
Thanks, Kelly*
Yes, I have had the same issue, I get about 1 or 2 in every box.
I had one recently, but I had the heat turned up quite high so I thought it might have melted a hole. It hasn't happened since. I have the older unit with the hole in the bottom, so it sure made a mess what that happened Sad I'll be sure to monitor it and see if it happens again.
Happens to me occasionally also...
I was having this happen and discovered one of the metal bars in my basket had come lose and was poking the bottom of the liner. A little bit of solder fixed it up fine though.
I have had the same thing happen. It seems to be only a few out of an entire box, but it's frustrating as those things aren't cheap and I hate to waste them! Of course I never know until it's filled up and I'm on my way to the chair and it's leaking all over the floor!! LOL