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Full Version: becoming an educator
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Hi allSmile does anyone out there have any info on becoming an educator? i've been doing nails for 16 years and recently i've realized that i LOVE to teach! my local cosmoprof has just gotten gelish and none of the girls who work there know how to use it, so when i'm in the store they ask me if i can show them how to use it. since the beginning of may i've been in the store 3 times and each time i've spent about 20 minutes "teaching" other techs how to use gelish. i own my own salon and i think i would like to get out and try new thingsSmile anyone with any info please let me know! thanks!
I suggest that you compile a portfolio of your work (photos of finished work and video of teaching) and create a short, like 90 second, piece that will introduce you to nail companies.
Try . Login to prosite then click on the becoming an educator.