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Full Version: Surgery and Polish
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I have a client that will be getting knee replacement surgery in a few weeks and was told not to have on any polish. She has acrylic overlays with polish, and wears polish on her toes. Does anyone know if she can leave the acrylic on, and can she have on clear polish?
Thank you!
Here's what I found out when I was in the hospital. I had gels on with glitter, the Dr. handling the anesthesia said it would need to come off. I took one gel covering off of my right index finger and that was enough. I spoke to another nurse later on who told me that the polish in no way affects the reading of the finger clamp that goes on the finger. It's the "older" Dr.s who feel it interfers. I think it goes back to when they looked at your nails to make sure you were getting enough oxygen, i.e. not turning blue.
I've done a lot of pedis on women who've gone in for knee replacement and I'd say half of them say their Dr.s' did NOT tell them they couldn't wear polish and it wasn't removed while they were in the hospital. That being said, it's best not to antagonise the Dr....Confused
Chances are the acrylic (as long as its clear) and clear polish is fine.. some require it gone - polish and enhancements - some don't care..

One of my first clients was a woman who was in the process of chemo treatments, my very first appointment with her, she begged me to come to her house - it was just a mani, so I relented and packed my stuff up.. sweet woman, funny and so way cool about the cancer and chemo etc.. while I'm polishing her I ask.. you are going for surgery tomorrow, wont they tell you to take the polish off? her reply - EFF them, let then look at my toes, I'm not taking my polish off for anyone. and so she didn't Smile

The reasoning is they want to see the blood flow to the extremities while you are under anesthesia and the fingers are the best place to do that.
I have run into this too!!!
and found it is not the nurse but the attending anesthesia person that wants
a clear picture of blood flow (ie..nails). But I agree with webmistress...
each client is different...that was a great story, thank you for sharing.
Seems like this lady loved her nails and her toenails, and wasn't going to give
that up !!! I Love, Love it.
Thanks ladies!