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Full Version: Need a cheaper brand sculpting gel for toenail reconstuction
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Ok, making myself crazy searching for a gel that can be used for toenail reconstruction. I am using barefoot by LCN and it is expensive.
I saw CND that is also still expensive.
Premeirenailsource has Nouveau Nail One-Step UV/LED Gel .5oz
and it is buy one get one free. I know nothing about Gel except for the one I am using.
They also have one by Star.
I need it to be on the thick side and not too runny.
I have an LED lamp so it needs to be able to go under one.
Any suggestions?
Happy Mother's Day!!!
Just keep in mind barefoot is only one with flexibility, all other gel is made for fingers and without as much flex, it can cause discomfort and damage to toes if the gel doesn't flex enough... So just be carefulSmile
Check into Nailite's stuff. They've got Gentle Gel and it's a bit more flexible than hard gel. I've used it in the past for toenail reconstruction with no problem. Keep it thin, and don't let it get out past the end of the toe and it should work fine.
Nailite told me about that one but since it is an SOG I wasn't sure if it would be good. Exactly which gentle gel are you talking about?
Do you think I can use an LED lamp?The barefoot works great but again it is costly. I will see if naillite would let me sample that.
Thanks so much
Are u totally set on just using a gel?? Ive always used acrylic cuz you can really sculpt the nail with it firstly......but i understand if u cant use acrylic....its only a suggestion. But i do use Nailites gentle gel on fingers tho...but i like it. I wld just advise u getting small sample sizes of diff lines and work with them. Its usually trial and error anyhow with us and products... Smile
It's sold under the name "Gentle Gel". I'm sure if you contacted them, they'd send out a sample to you. They're really good about that. As for being good, I had no problems with it. I believe you'd need to to cure under a regular uv lamp tho. When you call about the sample, ask if it can be cured with LED.....
I got a sample of the nailite gentle soak off gel and it worked great with the led lamp. I really enjoyed using it for toenail reconstuction.
I did it for free on someone today so that I can see if it stays on ok. She was happy and so was i.