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Full Version: Gelavish (INM) or Gelish?
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I need to work into getting a different SOGP... I'm using Axxium, but it's pricey and they are phasing it out.
The OPI gel colour is pricey too, but I can readily get Gelavish and the supplier here will be carrying Gelish soon.
I'm wondering what your opinions are on either?
The question isn't whether I will switch, it's what to switch to! These seem to be the two lines most available in my area, so just wondering how they hold up!

(I'd love to go to Mani-Q, but cost wise it isn't the best for me right yet!)
We use Gelish and love it. It's easy to use and most of our clients wear it with no issues for 2 - 3 weeks. Many of our clients have noticed that it gives them a bit more strength so their nails aren't breaking as often compared to wearing regular polish. The removal process isn't too bad....takes about 10 minutes or so. We haven't used Gelavish so I can't compare the two.
I've "heard" the Gelavish doesn't wear quite as well as the Axxium, so I'm leaning towards Gelish... I'll have to research more colours with them though... INM has some great ones.

Thanks for your input!!