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Full Version: KUPA Upower-2G.. like/dislike?
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I am on the market for a new backup electric file (something that takes up less space than my current backup.. Medicool NailPro 2000 with digital RPM readout.. which is for sale.. lightly used).
My everyday efile is the Medicool Pro Power (the cordless one). I will have it be my backup and I want a new primary efile.

Does anybody use the Kupa 2G rechareable?

What are your thougts and opinions? I have used one just a little when I was educating for LE but not enough to know how it holds up over time.

Liz, I've been using an Erica for a couple of years now, love it! I also have an old Upower that I've had for over 10 years. I've had it reworked once and it's still going strong. The handpiece on the Upower is heavier but honestly, I never had a problem with that. The Erica is quieter but pricier of course. You'll pay over $400 for the Erica, but only in the mid $300's for the Upower. Another advantage of the Upower, I can take it to a local Asian run nail salon who services them. I can get it service/fixed while I wait as opposed to the Erica having to be sent off.
Hi Liz
Check out the 2G on - there is a video. I have been using it since they came out - got one of the first ones! At first I thought ok, nice portable machine - and you know I have one of each Kupa carries. Now it is my #1. Travel with it too. LOVE IT.