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Full Version: stilletto attempt =-)
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[Image: IMAG0307.jpg]

I am pretty happy with the way these turned out, took everyones suggestions and implemented them into my application. focusing on prep and sidewall application. =-) considering i have bitten nails as well as ski jump pinkies I am smiling Big Grin
that looks great!! You'll love wearing stilettos, they're really comfortable. The only problem I had with them is I couldn't retrieve my cc out of the slots in machines that requires you slide it and then remove it quickly. I had to put a 'pull tab' on one end of the cc, so I could pull it back out...

Next time you do a set, look at the shape on either side and try to make them match. The left side it bulging out and the right side is fairly straight. Hold your hand up in front of you and view it with your palm facing out. You'll see immediately where you need to file to correct the shape. That works on clients, too. You'll find that with each set you do, that set is going to be better than the last, and not as good as the next one. Once again, great job!
thank you Donna. I see what you mean... I have a long way to go but trying to learn all I can =-) I really love the stiletto shape so far. Even long they dont hinder my fingrertips as much as the square shape... =-)
They look great, love the colors you chose !
Shape that you did is not stiletto . it is more like almond. Stiletto is slimmer and longer, way slimmer.
very pretty Smile I LOVE Young Nails products
if you do a search on youtube on stiletto's you will see how slim and thin they are. There's some amazing Russian and U k video's on there. Like the colors