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Full Version: Foot Files Fallinbg Apart????
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I've been using the Swedish Clover Foot Files by Flowery for years and love them. They hold up great wash after wash. However, lately the files have been falling apart after a few washings, the sticky grit peels right off. They are very expensive around $8 a file which is fine if they hold up. I thought it was a bad batch of files, so I let it go. But our last order did the same thing. What the heck?????
Has this happened to anyone else?? I called the company and they said there have been no complaints. I find that hard to believe.
Can anyone make a different product suggestion????

I have had the same problem. The adhesive files are different though. It seems like they have some kind of cushion between the adhesive and the grit. And that is where they are falling apart. I don't know why, but they are! And it is very disapointing as I have used these files forever! Not sure what I am doing next, but I am looking for a new line.
I also have had the same problem, thought it might be me. I have been keeping an eye out for a goosd replacement as am very disappointed.
That's why I love a stainless foot file with disposable abrasives.
I use the cuccio metal file with replaceable grits. They are affordable and my clients love that they get a file that hasn't been used on someone else.
(05-11-2012, 09:34 AM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]That's why I love a stainless foot file with disposable abrasives.

I would highly recommend these precision foot files. I bought one at the New Hampshire networking Event this past fall and absolutely love it!! My clients love that fact that they are disposable and CLEAN!!!