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I'm in the market to buy a new drill. What drill are you guys using and what do you like about it the most? I have never used one with the foot control thingy...I'm sort of scared of that.


Electric file.. Smile Drills are for the garage. I am looking too. I have an old school style with the long hand-piece like a pencil. I want one that is smaller and takes less space.
here is the one I use! I love it! It can do any job big or small.
Sachi... OMG... priceless!
Black and decker make good drills, Dewalt also. What are you drilling?
Ok, so true with the terminology... but since we DO know what you're asking... I use the Young Nails e-file at my manicure table and it is wonderful. Very low vibration, a lot of control as to what speed you're using, love, love, love it. I do have a cheaper e-file (not sure of the brand, but it cost around $200) and it definitely has more vibration to it, though I think otherwise it is ok. I use that one at the pedi station for gel toes and it does the job fine, just not sure I would want to use it on the more delicate finger nails.