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Full Version: Best clear matt polish (for guys)
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What's your favourite matt (clear) nail polish for guys?


After buffing the nails to a shine (using CND solor oil) I apply one coat of OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, if need be.
Essie's Matte About You
I second Matte About You.
I think I am using Essie Man-e-cure and also loved Orly Nails for Males.
(05-11-2012, 12:23 AM)Sherrie90630 Wrote: [ -> ]I second Matte About You.

Thanks guys!
Is that a top coat? Can you put it straight over the natural nail?

I have been using OPI Nail Envy Matte. It's not really matte, it has a slight sheen but surprisingly it looks very natural (it also feels very nice and smooth)

Yes Anna, I believe it is a top coat and that you can use it on the natural nail. To be honest though, I've never used it that way so if I'm wrong, hopefully someone will chime in. I've only used it over polish to make it matte and it does a great job.

I've also used Nails for Males and Man-e-cure that Sillysoup mentioned and those both worked great as well. I did use both of them over the natural nail.
Hi Anna,
I have always stuck with OPI nail envly strengthner, it is a matte but gives and makes the mans nails stronger as as a top coat. (after buffing appy)l It has a matte shine (but not too much) that they love male clients cringe when I say "polish" so I give them a special nail treatment where it won't be shiney, but will give you strength and make your manicure last. "nail strengthener as a top coat" They love it....and feel as they are walking out with a special treatment (which they really are). they keep coming back..